Craft Foothill Rubble

Craft Foothill Rubble

by Creative Mines, LLC.

Available in thin veneer only


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Varying shapes, scale and surface textures combined to present a rustic and irregular profile.

Flats: 1.875 “-13.25″ High, 4.25″-16.25″ Long, 1.5” Avg. thickness
Corners: 2.5″-15″ High, Long Return: 5.25″-12.5″, Short Return: 3.5″-6.5″

Colors: Bison, Blacktruffle, Coyote, Fogbank, Greentea, Greypearl, Shadowplay, Toasted, Tortoiseshell

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Black Charcoal, Buff, Burgundy, Burnt clay, Charcoal, Chestnut Brown, Chocolate, Coffee, Copper, Dark brown, Gold, Green, Ivory, Light gray, Mojave, Ochre, Olive, Orange, Pewter, Purple, Rust, Salmon, Sand, Sepia, Silver, Taupe, Brown, Cream, Gray, Tan

Natural or Manufactured



Creative Mines, Thin Veneer

Stone or Concrete


Stone Profile


Surface Texture

Lightly Textured, Natural Finish