Indiana limestone was formed around 300 million years ago and has been the Nation’s (and Continent’s) building stone choice for nearly 200 years. Approximately 80 percent of the dimensional limestone used in the United States is harvested in Indiana.

There are many benefits of using limestone because it was made naturally.

Find out why cast stone can’t stand up to Mother Nature.


Mother Nature doesn’t make limestone one slab at a time. She operates on a much bigger scale: entire quarries. Indiana Limestone Company owns over 4,500 acres of land, and each block of stone in our inventory is as strong as the first one we pulled out of the earth over 100 years ago.

Cast Stone, on the other hand, is man-made and must be tested periodically throughout a large project to determine its strength. Comprehensive testing is necessary throughout a project to ensure its strength, particulatly if there are any changes in Cast Stone’s fine and coarse aggregate sources. Cast Stone guarantees their stone is always as strong as Indiana Limestone.



Mother Nature builds all of her products to last, and no man-made building materials can compare. It’s not a fair fight. She uses a larger clock than the rest of us, one where the space between a “tick” and a “tock” is a century instead of a second and a typical 9-to-5 can last thousands of years.

Luckily for us, Mother Nature created Indiana Limestone during one of her workaholic marathons, and our stone has demonstrated its durability at each opportunity. One look at any of the iconic structures built at the beginning of the 20th century is all the evidence we need to prove our lasting power. Cast Stone can’t provide examples like these, they don’t exist, but they claim their product endures as long as Indiana Limestone.



Indiana Limestone’s beauty comes from its consistent coloring. Mother Nature made our versatile stone in five different colors and grades. Each one has a bold simplicity suited for any project. It doesn’t matter if your building is more classic or modern, Indiana Limestone can complement every architectural style or building material.

Even though we didn’t need confirmation of Mother Nature’s great taste, we do appreciate Cast Stone’s attempt to imitate the warm tones of Indiana Limestone. They do their best, but they can’t replicate our texture and subtle coloring. Cast Stone claims that it’s as good-looking as Indiana Limestone.


Benefits of Indiana Limestone

Choosing Indiana limestone for your project opens the door to creativity and enables you to leave your mark for centuries to come. It instantly transforms any structure from the ordinary to the extraordinary, showcasing your vision through the stunning beauty, longevity, durability, and workability of Indiana limestone.

Despite the many options of designers, installers and owners, Indiana limestone continues to be a building stone of choice. Indiana limestone consistently outperforms man-made products in such areas as strength, durability

and ageless beauty. This versatile stone equally provides stability and sustainability to fit your budget. Below are some of the benefits of Indiana limestone:

  • Workable, versatile, beautiful, and affordable
  • Variety of consistent grains and colors: buffs, grays and full color blends
  • Virtually maintenance free: no sealers, treatments, or additives
  • Tools well, for use on simple or most ornate projects
  • Easy to saw, split, carve or hand work, even in the field
  • No internal reinforcements to rust or discolor over time
  • Appearance that improves with age
  • Coloring consistent for new construction or matching renovation projects
  • Structurally sound and strong
  • Abundant reserves
  • Available in blocks, slabs, cut stone and finished goods