Sawn Height NTV – Natural Thin Veneer Building Stone

Natural thin veneer (NTV) building stone is 1” to 1½” deep, and is typically mortared to and supported by the vertical surface to which it is affixed. Sawn height natural thin veneer NTV has been sawn on the top and the bottom, and sometimes the sides. Sawn height natural thin veneer stone fits cleanly resulting in a formal, yet refined, look.

Stone Center’s large selection of sawn height natural thin veneer NTV building stone includes: Aqua Grantique Sawn Heights, Aqua Grantique Sawn Heights & Tumbled, Cambria, Caramel Cream Sawn Heights, Caramel Cream Sawn Heights & Tumbled, Carleton, Cedar Creek, Chadwick, Chilton Tailored Blend, Chilton Tailored Blend 50% Rockface, Desert Blend Sawn Heights, Fond du Lac Tailored Blend, Fond du Lac Tailored Blend 50% Rockface, Frontier Gray, Frontier Gray Tumbled, Glacier Bay Sawn Heights, Hampton, Highland Brown Sawn Heights, Lakewood, Madison, Mill Creek Tailored Blend, Olympia, Pine Creek, San Lucas, Sandy Creek Sawn Heights, Santa Barbara, Splitface Granite Strip, Splitface Granite Strip Tumbled, Sutton, Winfield Sawn Heights, and Woodbury.

Located in Indianapolis, Stone Center of Indiana delivers to many nearby cities including but not limited to Anderson, Bloomington, Columbus, Evansville, Fort Wayne, Marion, Muncie, Lafayette, Louisville, South Bend, and Terre Haute. Please contact a Stone Center sales professional at (855) 211-9100 for more information.

Protect yourself from the potentially devastating damage that can be caused to your structure by moisture intrusion and mold. Consult with your Stone Center building materials provider about the importance of proper stone installation techniques and use of a recommended vapor barrier designed to prevent mold damage.